Well, I guess this is where I talk about myself.

My name’s Brittany. I’m a 26 year old “never ever graduating” student as well as a full time employee of an awesome Michigan company.

But as you’ve probably seen if you’ve been on my blog, it consists mainly of book blogs, book reviews, book tags. Pretty much everything books. I read all sorts of books, but I am sort of bias because I read mainly Young Adult Fantasy. Sometimes I bridge out in to YA Contemporary, Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction books about history. I try to keep it as diverse as possible, but I am quite stuck in my ways and love of YA Fantasy.

I always follow back, comment back and like various blog posts that are similar to my interests. So please follow and comment, I’ll be sure to do the same! Happy reading and crush your TBR!



23 responses to “Well, I guess this is where I talk about myself.

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