June 2017 Wrap Up/TBR

Hello again everyone! Here we are another month gone, and another month I’ve read hardly anything! But I’m hoping now that A Court of Wings and Fury is my current read, it will awaken my need for the written word. One can only hope at least. And I know I decided to stop doing TBR’s a few months ago, but, as I just mentioned my reading has gone drastically down. I think I may need the goal of a TBR to keep on top of myself. So, I’ve brought it back by popular demand.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye
3.75/5 Stars
*Monthly Book Club Book*

I had a lot of conflicting feelings about this book. There were a lot of things I really liked about this book and I thought were done really well. The setting stuck out right away to me, inserting a fantasy world in Imperial Russia was really unique. Seeing glimpses of the power struggle within the royal family while at the same time observing the magical duel was a delight. What stuck out to me as well, was the descriptions of the food in the novel. They were so descriptive and gave that extra pinch of detail that made you fall in to the world that the author weaved together. The characters were very three dimensional, all of them having their own unique motives and strategies when it came to the duel. The concluding chapter left me wanting to know what would become of the plot, the characters and the over all world. 
As always, there were also some things that I didn’t love. The magic system itself wasn’t as defined as I usually like in fantasy. It certainly wasn’t unique in any sense, but it DID work for the progression of the story allowing it to flow easier without too much info dumping. Some of the big spells that were suppose to grab your attention were rather lack luster and I thought they could have used a lot more flair to really elevate the feeling of illusion and wonder that magic typically evokes. There were some plot points the book started, but didn’t develop nearly enough. But, seeing as how it’s the first book in a series, that’s pretty forgivable.
Will I continue with the series? Yes.

Bitter of Tongue
Bitter of Tongue by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan
(Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #7)
4/5 Stars

I’m still making my way through these before I dive in to Lady Midnight. It’s nice to have small glimpses in to the Shadowhunter world before going in head first in the new trilogy. I’ve never loved Simon as a character, and I feel like he’s the least interesting character in all of these stories. This one definitely expanded the universe and our understanding of Mark Blackthorne’s plight. Granted, the short involving Tessa, Will and Jem (The Whitechapel Fiend) is still my favorite of the ones I’ve read so far, this one was one of the better ones. The fae haven’t been explored much over the course of the series and it was nice being able to have a little more information on a small corner of the Shadowhunter lore. 

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
*Audiobook and Reread*
5/5 Stars

This series was my first major vampire series when I was in my early teenage years. I have such fond memories of reading the books and loving every single character that I really wanted to revisit Anne Rice’s writing. Especially after completing The Witching Hour not too long ago. The unique narrative through the medium of an interview was just as creative and engrossing as I remembered. The characters (especially Lestat) were just as horribly flawed and conflicting as I remembered them. It evoked a lot of memories of the times when I was just learning to fall in love with literature and a time when I really needed fiction to balance out everything. I fell in love with the time period and the theme of the mortal struggle within the novel all over again. I’m looking forward to continuing on with the series and surpassing the point I made it to before.

July TBR

Graveyard Book   12954620

Strange the Dreamer   The Lost Hero

A-Conjuring-of-light-cover-reveal-e1464195735516   Crooked Kingdom

Let me know your thoughts any any of the books mentioned! But as always, no spoilers please! I always love talking to you guys! 🙂


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