TBR’s and why I’m done with them.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything other than a wrap up and a TBR. I really had to think about why that was. What was keeping me from blogging weekly? There are plenty of tags, plenty of books to review. Sure, I’ve been working a ridiculous amount, but I still get days off. So why wasn’t I blogging? Once I thought about it and had a look across my room, it dawned on me. I hate TBR’s. I grew to hate my TBR shelf. Just looking at it pissed me off.


There are a few reasons for this revelation.

I was setting goals that seemed possible on paper, but not in practice. I said “I can totally do eight books a month, that’s just two books a week!”. Then I pressured myself to read when I was tired or not in the mood to because I was so determined to meet my goal. With working more than fifty hours a week, finding time to read a lot isn’t easy. And reading more in quantity than quality just isn’t worth it. 

This limited the diversity of my reading. Putting priority on books, made me read less diversely and thus, I enjoyed them less. Books started bleeding in to one another and soon I couldn’t even recall the events of a book that I read only two or three weeks ago with any sort of detail. And if I couldn’t enjoy even think through the book, what was the point of reading it? 

My TBR shelf became a glaring reminder of how I wasn’t meeting my reading goals. As mentioned before, the goals weren’t realistic. So seeing a constant reminder of my so called “failure” wasn’t helping my reading habits, it was making them worse. At one point I was just not reading even though I wanted to read. 

If I’m not reading, I’m not writing. I’ve been writing since before I can remember. Making up little stories, little tales. And if I’m not constantly being inspired by other authors, then how can I develop my own style? If I’m not writing, I’m not happy. If I’m not reading, I’m not happy. It completely destroys my center and any sort of creative process that I have. 

Severely limited my ability to read books “in the moment”Sometimes you finish a book, and the next one you want to pick up is what you’re in the mood for. With a TBR of 5-8 books, this limits picking from impulse. And honestly, sometimes impulse reads are the best reads of all.

What are your thoughts on TBR’s? Let me know below.

~The Grisha Lieutenant

August Wrap-Up | September TBR 2016

Another month has come and gone. Once again, I’ve failed in my goals to read as much as possible. But this time I actually have a valid reason. I was promoted at work and for the last three weeks I’ve been working my new position, my old one and training the person who’s replacing me in my old position. So…that’s a lot of overtime and exhaustion. Not the ideal mindset for reading. Also, it was my birthday on August 31st. I spent most of the day catching up on sleep. As boring as that as. Anyways! On with what I did read.

911xmhn92brlHarry Potter and the Cursed Child

Four word review: THIS IS NOT CANNON

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
5/5 Stars

Something you should know if you haven’t read this series, it’s a character driven series. There is more than enough plot and storyline, but it’s the characters that keep you hooked to this series. Ronan Lynch is the focus of the second in the anthology and I didn’t love him until I finished this book. What really stands out in this series is the atmosphere and the unparalleled creepiness that are present in all four books.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
5/5 Stars

This one was probably my favorite out of the quartet. It focuses on Adam Parrish more so than the others. In the third book of the series, our characters feel the weight of consequence from their actions in the first book. While maintaining the atmospheric and mystic feel of the book, the events take twists and turns at a more rapid pace.  This was probably the book where I grew attached to all five main characters rather than just my favorite.

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
4.5/5 Stars

You’ve probably notice this is the only one in quartet that doesn’t have a perfect five star rating. From about midway through the first book, I knew Noah Czerny was my favorite character. I identified with Noah more than any of the others. And as the books progressed, he appeared less each time until he was scarcely mentioned at all. I thought this was a disservice to the series. All through the last one I was waiting for him to show up and he hardly did. Unfortunately, by the end it was apparent he was created for one reason only.

Other than that, I really loved the series as a whole and am really glad it was the main focus of my summer reading. I didn’t get through even half of the books I wanted to read, but at least I read a series I’ll remember for years to come.

Currently Reading

September TBR
I tried to mix up my TBR as much as possible, because the same books showing up over and over again and not being read told me it wasn’t their time.

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Let me know if you’ve read any of the ones listed in the comments below!

~The Grisha Lieutenant