Top Ten Tuesdays | Rewind Topic: Characters who would have sat at my lunch table in high school

It’s a rewind topic week! Upon examining the various topics The Broke & Bookish have previously done, this one seemed like the most fun and one I could easily pick a full ten for. I belonged to a mix-matched group of eccentric artists and misfits in high school. We all just sort of migrated towards one another one day. 

Noah Czerny | The Raven Cycle

Noah’s a pretty somber and quiet, yet incredibly perceptive individual. He’s kind of the one who hangs back in the group he belongs in. So much that sometimes no one even realizes he’s there. He’s very in touch with his feelings and is always the first one everyone looks to when anything happens in their personal lives.

Johanna Mason | The Hunger Games Trilogy

Johanna is a really fierce, outspoken and angry character. She’s a fierce competitor, and just a complete badass. I always think of her as that girl in school that everyone’s afraid of and doesn’t mess with. She’s confident, intimidating and a huge personality. 

The Diviners
Memphis Campbell | The Diviners

Memphis is that guy who’s friends with everyone. But he really opens up when hes surrounded by like individuals, mainly, other writers/poets and other like minded individuals. He’s uniquely talented and prefers to be around people who are the same way. 

Iseult | Truthwitch

Iseult is a quiet and mysterious girl who has a lot going on in her head at all times. She’s always something of a mystery to people who see her, but don’t really know her. She doesn’t connect well with many people, and many people, even those who see her often don’t really know her. She’s fiercely intelligent and compassionate, but she will in fact rip your head off if you give her reason to. 

Quentin Coldwater | The Magicians

Quentin’s that guy who’s just sort of always “that guy”. He’s eccentric, he has some issues with expressing himself without sounding anxious or hiding behind his coin tricks. He’s extremely intelligent, but has trouble in bigger groups and usually wanders off to watch from the sidelines. 

Alaska Young | Looking for Alaska

I think in a way every group had an Alaska. She was the girl who really stood out from the other girls. Somehow no matter what she does, you tend to love her a little more, even though you really want to hate her sometimes. She’s utterly unique and witty. She’s inclusive to everyone she meets, but she’s also got several personal demons that you never seem to find out about until you know her extremely well.

Heavenly Fire
Magnus Bane | The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices

Magnus is the guy you always want as a wingman for every situation ever. You call him for fashion advice, you call him if you need to know something about anyone in your school. He’ll be brutally honest, but also kind. You always want him at your parties, and he’ll show up even if you don’t invite him. 

Luna Lovegood | Harry Potter

Luna’s that girl that doesn’t speak very much, but when she does, she says something incredibly profound or she says something that makes everyone collectively look at her with confused expressions. Luna’s always expressing herself in different ways and through different mediums. She always has a book to recommend and never says not to helping you with your homework. 

Artemis | Ready Player One

Artemis is that friend you have that rushes home after school everyday because they’re in the middle of an RPG or they need to level their character in an MMORPG. Whenever you log on Steam, they’re always online. You try and beat them at video games, but never quite succeed. Artemis lets you win sometimes, but not often. Anytime you’re thinking about buying a game, Artemis is going to have a strong opinion of it and has no problem with telling you their opinion.

Ronan Lynch | The Raven Cycle

Ronan is a wildcard. He’s got a tough exterior and not many people know what’s beneath that. We all know he’s a precious cinnamon bun who’s too pure for this world, but he doesn’t let anyone know that. He’s that guy you go to if you need a night drive and mindless destruction of property. 

Comment below and let me know who you’d pick! 

May your TBR pile be conqured

~The Grisha Lieutenant


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