Top Five Wednesdays: Five Unlikable Characters

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean five villains! Just five characters that you found to be unlikable. As usual, these are in no particular order and there will be no spoilers


I only gave this book a two star rating because I just could not stand Samantha and her group of friends. They were your typical “mean girl” types. Even in the end, they hadn’t really changed. I feel like the author wanted you to think they did, but I didn’t see any significant change in their character. I didn’t feel like they were redeemed at all. The whole butterfly effect story line felt lost in how cruel and unlikable the characters were. 


This one I actually did enjoy for the most part, but there were moments where the protagonist was being so impulsive and careless that I couldn’t even find an excuse for her. Sometimes she did things or said things that completely broke me out of the story and the atmosphere of the writing. She put herself in situations everyone (but her) knew would turn out badly and never listened to anything her friends or family told her.


I didn’t like Lia at all. I can’t even put my finger on why exactly it was, but she certainly seemed to be pretty careless about keeping everything incognito when she was suppose to be creating a new identity for herself. I get that she wasn’t used to “average life”, but she certainly could have been a little more cautious about getting close to new men in her life. Also, some of the things she said I found myself rolling my eyes at


I absolutely hated Greg in the book. I know you’re not really suppose to LOVE him, but the kid just didn’t make any sense. He would overly complicate everything, keep people at arms length for absolutely no reason. He was constantly complaining and whining about situations that he could have easily changed. In the end, he did get better, but not by much. Earl and Rachel were the real heroes of the story. 


I know I’m in the minority here, but I thought Anna was a bit irritating at times. The entire book was based on Anna not being able to communicate effectively. I know, I know, she was young and sometimes it’s hard to tell someone you like them. But I felt like Anna just drew it out to the point where I was rolling my eyes. Please, Anna, grow a bit of a spine. You’re in a foreign country and you’re going back to America after. What’s the worst that could happen? Sorry, I know this is a lot of people’s favorite contemporary, I just couldn’t see eye to eye. 

Let me know your thoughts on the books I mentioned! Agree or disagree. I would love to know. 

~The Grisha Lieutenant


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