Top Ten Tuesday: Books that made you want to learn more.

As usual, these are in no particular order!


This book made me want to learn more about the courtesan’s who lived during the Belle Epoque in Paris, as well as the culture of the artists in Paris. It really made me want to visit La Louvre with it’s numerous mentions of various famous works of art. 


I’ve always been pretty fascinated by pre-WWI England. Especially after binge watching Downton Abbey numerous times (I can’t help myself, I love it so much). This was admittedly picked up so I could try and fill the void Downton Abbey left in my heart. The premise of the “old ways” of the wealthy dying out has become something of a curiosity as both a historian and a reader. 


Even though this is a fantasy book, it made me curious about both the culture and history of American carnivals/menageries. 

815D5sneiNL._SL1500_   Clockwork Princess

I clumped these two together because they both sparked my interest in the Victorian era. It wasn’t really an era I was interested in until I read The Night Circus, then it was renewed again in Clockwork Princess. I was really curious about their manner of speaking and the fashion. Now I’ve been inspired to write my own novel taking place in the era. 


I’ve always loved the era of the 1920’s, but this really sparked an interest in the world of Illusion and magic during the era. Harry Houdini is one of the characters in the novel and it made me want to know more about his life. 

Comment below and let me know if you’ve read any of the ones I’ve listed or if you have any recommendations based on them! 

~The Grisha Lieutenant


12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books that made you want to learn more.

  1. I loved both Night Circus and American Heiress. I started Cassandra Clare’s series but stalled out around Book 3 or 4 – it might be time for a retread now that there are more out. And The Witch of Painted Sorrows looks amazing! My TBR pile just got a little taller… Great list!

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