The Makeup Book Tag

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The Makeup Book Tag

Pick a book that left a lasting impression on you
I read this book a few years ago, but when it comes to magical realism I haven’t read a book that even compared to this one. The subtle magical elements that were mixed in with our own reality were done so flawlessly and perfectly that I still think about what happened to these characters after the book was over. I also can’t look at Princess Cakes the same way.

Favorite first book in a series
I’ve been reading through this series for the last month or so after I listened to the first book (for the second time) on audio book. The first book was such a great introduction to the Peculiars and had a wonderful balance between world building and eventful storytelling. Riggs really is a master of writing dialogue that’s both accurate to it’s time period and enjoyable to read. The thing I love about this series is that the children in the story are believably children. That’s not something that’s easy to do.

Pick some characters you wish didn’t exist.
For some reason, I just do not like Lia. I get that she’s having trouble adapting to life on her own and surviving all of these new situations. At the same time I feel like she just keeps getting lucky and nothing is really done because of her learning anything from all that’s happened. I honestly do not understand why both Rafe and Kaden like her so much. It makes absolutely no sense. She doesn’t really have much of a personality. Sorry to anyone who loves her, I just do not.

Pick your favorite last book in a series. 
I feel like this series isn’t talked about enough in the book blogging world or the booktube world. The series is such a complex story of magic and the early years of adulthood. Every single character in the series is flawed and realistic. There is no clear cut hero or villain. The magic system is so unique that it’s treated like a science in the book. And this series unlike a lot of trilogies gets better as the books go on, each book is better than the last. I wish more people would read it.

Pick a book you think everyone should read
This book is so near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. But it also has so much to say about love, success and  society as a whole even though it was written in the 1920’s. I think it’s great that they still require most high school kids to read it. Most of them don’t want to read it, but a lot of them get something out of it.

Pick a book with your favorite colors on the cover

Pick a dark and mysterious book
The wonderful part of this book is the atmosphere. You feel like you’re standing on the side of a foggy street watching all the events of the book happening without leaving your chair. The story takes so many dark twists and you’re left not knowing what will happen next, but you’re so excited for whatever it is to happen. By the end you’re actually left satisfied and that’s a good feeling.

Pick a long book
The Diviners
I finally read it this month! It’s a very thick book that looks intimidating in both hardback and paperback forms. But it was so worth the read, I loved every page. I was so impressed with the accuracy of the dialouge as well as how I loved every point of view in the book. I didn’t roll my eyes when it changed to a certain character like I do in books with multiple points of views. (Memphis is my favorite though).

Pick a book with a cringe worthy romance
The subplot with Harry and Cho Chang was pretty cringe worthy. Everyone knows it. It was sort of cute in a “first crush” kind of way for Harry. But I didn’t really feel like it brought anything extra in to the story. I love this book to pieces, but I just really thought it could have been better without it.

Pick a book that brightens your day
Anything to do with Hamilton will always brighten my day. The soundtrack, this book, just looking at Lin’s twitter. It’s my happy place.

Your favorite book kiss
How could I not pick the kiss between The Darkling and Alina. I am Darkling trash. I have no shame.

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~The Grisha Lieutenant


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