The Bookish Theatre Tag

Spring Awakening:
Favorite Translated Book


This is the book I’m reading right now and the writing is so beautiful that I have never read anything like this book. It’s suspenseful, it’s mysterious and it’s so atmospheric. You feel like you’re in Barcelona on the misty streets being pursued by a stranger right along with the main character.

Into the Woods:
Favorite Fairy Tale Retelling


Anyone who’s seen this blog know that I love this series, especially the first book. I fell in love with this book at the first page. The elements of Beauty and the Beast that come in to the story are so perfectly placed and sometimes unexpected that this book has stuck with me since I read it and probably always will.

Beauty and the Beast:
A Book from your childhood


The only answer to this question is the Harry Potter series. Nothing screams childhood to me like Hogwarts. I’m not going home, not really. 

The Best Character Development


There are very few characters in this book, but all of them develop so beautifully through out the story. Especially the protagonist, Victor. In a way, I fell in love with his madness and in love with him as the story progressed. 

The Phantom of the Opera:
Least Favorite Love Triangle

Ruin and Rising

Once again, I will scream this. MAL DID NOT BELONG IN HER LIFE AS A LOVE INTEREST. I really wish it would have been just The Darkling and Nikoli. They’re opposites, but both have their own special qualities, quirks and personalities. Mal on the other hand was just kind of awkwardly putsing around in the series trying not to die. Maybe I’m alone in this opinion, but I don’t think Mal contributed anything to the series at all.

Favorite Group of Friends


I absolutely love all of the Misfit characters in this book. You could argue that they’re not exactly “friends”. But I couldn’t think of anyone other than Kaz and the rest of them. There are all different types of personalities in this group that somehow flow together beautifully.

West Side Story:
Favorite Spin Off/Adaption


Is there really any other choice? Tessa, Will and Jem forever. 

Les Miserables:
Most Tragic Death


Fred. 😦

Star Crossed Lovers/Tragic Love Story


Is there a more beautiful and tragic love story? I certainly haven’t read one. I love Celia and Marco’s relationship. 

A Book that made you Love the genera

This was my first YA novel and it’s the one that got me hooked. Or should I say booked?

Please feel free to do this tag! But make sure you tag me so I can see what you answered!

~The Grisha Lieutenant


5 responses to “The Bookish Theatre Tag

  1. Now that you mention it, in a way, I think I fell in love with Victor and his madness, too. Am I just forgetting or missing something, or did the blacking out of letters thing not turn into anything significant plot-wise?

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