April Wrap Up | May TBR

I didn’t do so well in April. I don’t know if my slump made a come back or if I was just too wrapped up in work or I just got sidetracked. Some of my books from last month’s TBR are going to trickle in to May’s. Sorry. D:

My last post I asked for people to comment out of a large collection of books that have been neglected for a year or more (mostly more). I was going to take the most recommended from the list, but sadly only two people picked some and they didn’t match up. So I decided to just close my eyes and let my finger fall on one. Sorry if you commented and really wanted to recommend one. Maybe next month it will work better? Anyways.

April Wrap Up


My Grandmother Asked me to tell you she’s sorry by Fredrik Backman
2/5 Stars
Something about this story just did not click with me. I don’t know what it was, but I ended up really disliking this book. There were elements to it that I found quite whimsical and spellbinding, but on the other hand I had SO MANY problems with it. I had a lot of trouble believing that the main character was only eight, a lot of the “mythology” in the book wasn’t well written and the characters were boring. I read it quickly because I just wanted it to end.


Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
5/5 Stars
This book FLOORED me. I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. I originally started reading it because I wanted something quick and easy to read after hating what I read before (see above). I didn’t expect to be on the edge of my seat or get so engrossed in the story. I usually don’t love Sci-Fi books. But this may convince me to look further in to the genera. I CANNOT wait for the next one. I want it NOW.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
3/5 Stars

I wanted to love this book because so many people say it’s their favorite. I read it because it’s one of my closest friend’s favorite book and I just sort of shrugged at it when I finished it. I’m not a huge fan of comedy in my literature, so that may have been a big part of it. Marvin was my favorite part of the book. I watched the movie afterwords and loved him even more.


Tales from Shadowhunter Academy:

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (3/5 Stars)
The Lost Herondale (4/5 Stars)
The Whitechapel Fiend (5/5 Stars)
Nothing But Shadows (3.5/5 Stars)

I did enjoy the few that I read last month. I was never the biggest fan of Simon in the series (put your torches and pitchforks away). I always thought he was probably the least interesting character in the series. But when they mention Will or Tessa or Jem I GET SO EXCITED. 


The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
4/5 Stars
I thought this was adorable. The fairy tale world was done so originally and had so many cool concepts that I had literally never heard of before. The book took so many twists and turns in ways that I didn’t think they would. I ship Agatha/Tadros SO HARD. I didn’t at first, but now I totally do. I also really dislike Sophie.

“The Hangover Books”
Books from last month’s TBR I didn’t get to
A Gathering of Shadows Final
  21518344   71LkLmxqgjL   79329_original   verity-uk

Audiobook’s Completed
This was a re-read or rather a “re-listen”. I want to finish the whole series before the movie comes out in August.


A Gathering of Shadows Final     79329_original

51nag-fefpl-_sy344_bo1204203200_     11861815

21518344     23164983

135956391    a-court-of-mist-and-fury

Let me know if you’ve read any of these in the comments and your thoughts on them. (No spoilers please!) Happy reading!

~The Grisha Lieutenant


11 responses to “April Wrap Up | May TBR

  1. That’s a bummer about yor reading slump. Work def gets in the way of our glorious reading sometimes. I reeeelly want to read Illuminae now. Code Name Verity is coming up soon on my TBR. I saw that on your list of books you didn’t get to last month but not for May. 😦

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    • I only posted it two days ago as a sort of experiment. I might try it again next month. Illuminae is such a reading experience unlike any other. I hope you love it as much as I did. It seems to be a hit or miss book for everyone who reads it. I feel like with Code Name Verity I had to be in the right mood and just wasn’t all month. Maybe I’ll find myself in that mood sometime this month.

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  2. I read A Gathering of Shadows when it came out and, let me tell you, it blew my mind. The book itself takes place almost entirely in Red London so that aspect is really developed and I loved the fact that Rhy (my sweet precious cinnamon roll) became a central character. You may hear that the first part of the book is slow and it takes about 200p (if I remember right) for the plot to really get going, but it’s well worth the wait. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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