Top 5 Wednesdays | LEAST favorite books in your favorite series

I’m not going to go in any particular order here. If a spoiler is involved I will make the text black so that you can simply highlight the text if you’ve already read the series and you won’t be spoiling yourself if you haven’t! 

The Harry Potter Series


First off, I DO NOT hate this book. I actually quite enjoy it every time I decide to reread the series, but lesser than the others. It’s really just nit picking. But here are a few reasons why:
– I see Prisoner of Azkaban to be like the “pre-teen” of the series. It’s transitioning in to being a teenager. It’s nowhere near mature, but you can see signs of it ageing and growing. I just sort of feel like it’s a bit of an awkward balance.
– Unlike a lot of fellow Potter fans out there, I am not a huge fan of Sirius Black. I feel like a lot of the time he was more abusive than helpful through out the series. He treated Harry too much like he was a replica of his father and I just didn’t see that as the case. Though in some ways he did help see Harry through a lot of situations, I didn’t feel like he was a great role model in Harry’s life. And during a re-read we’re introduced to him in this book, so I’m just sort of like meh.
Every time I go to re-read the series, this one slumps me. I have no idea why.

Throne of Glass


Keep in mind that I HAVE NOT completed the fourth book. Please do not spoil me in the comments.

When I was reflecting back on my favorite series, Throne of Glass of course came up. I’ve just finished Heir of Fire and everything is still exciting and current. But really if I think about it, though it was excellent while reading it, my least favorite is probably the first book. Here’s a few snip-its of why:
– You don’t notice it until Heir of Fire, but Celaena is far too childish and impulsive as a character in the first book. You do of course see it in the first book, but you don’t realize she won’t always be that way until the third.
The world is very small in this book. The world building hasn’t quite happened yet. We see things almost through a microscope.
We all knew she would win. Come on now.


The Mortal Instruments


I don’t really have a good explanation of why, it just felt a lot like a filler book that was setting up to the next one. Still liked it, still loved Magnus more than anyone else. Nothing changed there. The ending was the entire reason this book happened and I feel like it could have been condensed in to one with City of Lost Souls

The Grisha Series

Ruin and Rising

This was the very last book in the series. So obviously here is where the spoilers will be. But as mentioned, they will be in black, you will have to highlight them to see them. So if you don’t want to get spoiled, don’t highlight the text. Sorry for repeating, but I don’t need to get blasted for spoiling. I’m just going to list all of these reasons out. If you can’t see it, it’s a spoiler. Deal? Okay. (Most of it is blacked out)

2. The Darkling was a great character and he deserved to live. I will take that to my grave.
3. The story could have continued if she had ended up with Nikolai. They could have gone on grand adventures together. Godammit IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN NIKOLAI.
4. The story DID have an ending that wrapped things up, but I wasn’t quite SATISFIED with it. I thought I was but the more I think about it, the more I want an open ending so I can just dream up scenarios. But it’s cannon and I cannot. =(
5. The whole “fading in to normal life” is not what Alina deserved. She deserved more than what she got. More than Mal, more than an orphanage.

So, I couldn’t honestly think of any in a few series that I’ve read that really stood out as books that I didn’t like as much. I was going to include Percy Jackson but I barely remember those books. If you asked me to recall what happened in any of them I probably couldn’t. Which is pretty sad. I know.

Anyway, comment below to tell me your least favorite in these series or what you thought of mine!

~The Grisha Lieutenant


4 responses to “Top 5 Wednesdays | LEAST favorite books in your favorite series

  1. You summed up my feelings for City of Fallen Angels in a single sentence! I finished it last week and about halfway through I was still wondering when the plot would start, and when it did kick off (finally) it felt so rushed and also a bit out of place. I like that Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Simon got a more central role in the series but I didn’t want to wade through 400+ pages for that.

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