My First Book Signing | Meeting Victoria Schwab and Susan Dennard

That’s right guys. I got to meet my favorite author of all time, Victoria Schwab. I’m sure you’ve heard of her, how could you not? In case you’re not familiar with her literature. Here are a few:

download  The Archived  51RYeVqlj9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_  A Gathering of Shadows Final


I only found out about the signing two days in advance. And was shocked, authors never come to Michigan. They just don’t. I scrambled to find someone to go with me and of course, neither of my book buddies were free. Rather than let my social anxiety take over, I went by myself. Upon arrival I found a seat beside two other girls who had also come alone. (You should follow Samantha) The three of us quickly decided our small group was now a ‘thing’.

There were nine authors in total. To be honest I had not heard of most of them. I shy away from really hardcore sci-fi books. You know the ones that never come out in hardback and are mass market sized? Not that I don’t think they could be good, I’m just stuck in my ways. Here’s a complete list of everyone: Susan Dennard, John Scalzi, Wesley Chu, Max Gladstone, Greg van Eekhout, Lawrence M. Shoen, Tom Doyle, Cherie Priest.

First they did a panel, which was how I actually came to really love Wesley Chu. They didn’t talk much before opening it to the floor for questions. Which I thought was pretty fantastic. Yes, I did ask one of the “speed round” questions. I asked Victoria what the most influential work of literature was for her. She answered with “Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things”. My heart soared. My two favorite authors are in fact Victoria Schwab and Neil Gaiman. She also caught me photostalking her.


When I finally got up to the authors after we all waited in line, I got to talk to Wesley Chu and John Scalzi quite a bit. They were all extremely nice and friendly. Wesley Chu was especially hilarious. So much that both Samantha and I ran to the checkout after we got out of line for Susan and Victoria, bought his book and came running back just before he left.

Then I finally got up to Susan Dennard! She was more than happy to sign numerous things for me. Two books, a poster and a small little card. She wrote personal notes inside both the book for myself and the one for my best friend. We talked a little about loving and hating characters in her first series before I move out of the way and got in line for Victoria. She was so kind and patient. So down to earth. 10/10 would recommend meeting her if you can.


After that I got back in line and rejoined my impromptu girls book club in line for Victoria. Let me tell you I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke. I had no idea what to say to her, or what to ask her. I ended up just blurting out things, I think. I mentioned that she was my favorite author of course, and that I loved her response to my question. Then I gave her anxiety because I asked her to sign the dust jacket cover of A Darker Shade of Magic. She was so polite and couldn’t be more delightful. She signed a book for my best friend as well, then took a photo with me. You know the people who say “Never meet your heroes”. They’ve never met their favorite author, I guarantee it. Please everyone, meet your literary heroes.

I had such an amazing experience. I hope everyone gets to meet their favorites. Thanks as always for reading.

~ The Grisha Lieutenant


6 responses to “My First Book Signing | Meeting Victoria Schwab and Susan Dennard

  1. Yay!! It was so much fun!! First, are you totally thrilled that ADSOM is being made into a TV Series?! Second, Susan Dennard’s going to be in Lansing in a couple of weeks with Veronica Rossi and EK Johnston. I don’t think I’ll go, but it would be a fun one.

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    • YES. I’m so excited!! It’s going to look so beautiful on screen. First, American Gods gets a frontman that I already love and now I’ll get to see Kell in the flesh. I might actually go to the Lansing one, my best friend’s pretty mad she had to miss the first so maybe we can catch her this time. And who doesn’t love new books, especially signed ones. 🙂


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