The Grisha Lieutenant Recommends | Contemporary

That’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I’m recommending a contemporary! Granted, I literally just finished it about ten minutes ago. It’s 4:20AM. I read this book within 12 hours with only a few short breaks. That should tell you something by itself. I can’t even remember the last time I did that!

So what is this mystery contemporary? (If you saw my TBR earlier, then you’ve spoiled yourself. Don’t blame me. I’m not as sneaky as I think)


My Rating4/5 Stars

No, I didn’t give it a perfect 5 star rating, but you know what? That’s okay. I really did enjoy so many aspects of this book while I was reading it. To be honest, I don’t think I have rated any contemporaries outside of Looking for Alaska with a perfect rating.

Things I loved:

  • The “Unraveling Secret” Plot: I will be the first to admit that sometimes this gets old, but in this case the slow progression of finding out bits and pieces of the mystery that was our protagonists’s life was well worth the wait. I honestly did not guess the big reveal at all. When I think back, I realize that there were very obvious hints towards it, but I was enjoying the book so much I wasn’t thinking about it very carefully.
  • Realistic Portrayal of Characters: Our main characters are seventeen and eighteen. They’re young, naive and at times make stupid decisions. But in a lot of contemporary books involving late teenagers their decisions are so stupid that you want to scream at them. From their thoughts to their communication with one another it was all very realistic and not over-dramatized. I didn’t have the “eye roll reaction” that I have to most teenagers in books that make me question being too old for YA.
  • Satisfying Ending: At the end of the story I was left with a warm feeling of satisfaction. Some parts of it were pretty heartbreaking, but I don’t feel lost in a hangover from being overly emotional about the characters or where it left off. I’ll be the first to admit I often get lost in stories and get overly attached, it was nice for that not to happen for once and just be okay with where it ended. Even a bit giddy and happy with all the fluffiness that was filling up inside of me.


Things I Didn’t Love: 

  • Unrealistic Events: I found some of the events that transpired to be a bit too much “like fiction”. Towards the end I found myself shaking my head and thinking that these events would only take place in fiction. It sort of knocked me out of the book a little.
  • Too Much Focus on Romantic Plot: Yes, the romance in the story was very adorable and fuzzy and made me smile a lot. But I wanted to know more about the motorcycle club’s dynamic and the people involved. They all seemed to be there just for the setting of the story rather than to be actual characters in the story itself.

This book is perfect for: Those Saturday nights when you don’t have any obligations. When you’re either in the middle of a series or you just finished one. This is a perfect example of a pick me up book. It’s light reading, it’s fluffy and enjoyable.

Hope this is helpful for your next weekend off! Comment if you’ve read this or it’s on your shelf.

May you read with the force of a thousand suns.

~The Grisha Lieutenant


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