Top Ten Tuesdays | Top Ten Author Duo’s We’d Love to See Write a Book Together

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Per usual, I couldn’t think of ten combinations of authors that I would for sure buy a book from if they wrote it together. But I’m pretty confident in the five that I chose. Instead, I’ve just chosen ten authors in full.

5. Sarah J Maas and Sabaa Tahir 


Can you just imagine if these two wrote a book? They’re both fantastic fantasy writers in their own right. I’ve only read one book from each, but it was enough to make me love them both. Just imagine an epic fantasy with Sabaa’s gift for writing scenes that make your heart pump and Sarah’s world building. How could anyone say no?

4. Rick Riordan and Patrick Ness


Both are no stranger to middle grade and both weave complex stories. But together I feel like they could bring together such a great series. I refuse to believe if they joined forces that it wouldn’t end up a series.

3. Cassandra Clare and and Leigh Bardugo 

Clockwork Princessgrisha-trilogy-covers

The Queen of Urban Fantasy and one of the best fantasy authors combined. Would it be a high fantasy? Would it be an urban fantasy? Would it be both? Can this just happen? Please?

2. Erin Morgenstern and Anne Rice


These two women have so much in common that anything that they put out together would be gold. Paranormal gold. I admire both of these women so much and I already will read anything either of them put out, why not together? Can you just imagine the audiobook?

1. Neil Gaiman and Victoria Schwab 

The ArchivedAmerican-Gods

Victoria’s weaving of gothic stories mixed with Neil’s whimsical dark humor. There couldn’t be a more perfect union of writers. Alright, maybe I’m bias because they’re my favorites, but you know this would be magic. Every page of a book they collaborated on would be gold.

Let me know what you think of my choices. Comment/like/follow.


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