|| Weekly Reading Update ||

Hello everyone! Look, I am sticking to my commitment of weekly updates.

Anyways, this week was actually very productive for me. I finished my book club’s book, as well as started and finished another.


I finished The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum. This was my book club’s pick of the month. It was an in depth look at the creation of forensic medicine in the criminal justice system. It focused heavily on chemistry, anatomy and case studies. Now, if you read my blog at all, you probably know I’m a history major. I love reading about history in almost any period. Unfortunately, the science outweighed the history in this case. I really loved the actual historical bits about the time period and the case studies, but found myself frequently lost when the more technical scientific bits came in to play. I don’t really feel passionate enough about this read to fully review it. So this paragraph is what you’re getting. Though I do recommend it for anyone who is scientifically literate (unlike me).

And now the big news. Guys….I finally did it. I read the massive book that has haunted my TBR’s for a while now.

Heavenly Fire


And I am so glad that I finally did. 5/5 stars. LOVED the ending. LOVED the fact that the two series have finally come together. Full series review to come. Hopefully I’ll type that up sometime tomorrow or later in the week. But mannnnn, I am both relieved and saddened that I’ve completely finished the Mortal Instruments. Now I can talk to all my friends about it finally. A whole new world of book conversations has opened for me on this day.


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’ve read either and your own thoughts on them! Happy reading as always.

Top Ten Tuesdays | Top Ten Author Duo’s We’d Love to See Write a Book Together

Top Ten Tuesdays Creators

Per usual, I couldn’t think of ten combinations of authors that I would for sure buy a book from if they wrote it together. But I’m pretty confident in the five that I chose. Instead, I’ve just chosen ten authors in full.

5. Sarah J Maas and Sabaa Tahir 


Can you just imagine if these two wrote a book? They’re both fantastic fantasy writers in their own right. I’ve only read one book from each, but it was enough to make me love them both. Just imagine an epic fantasy with Sabaa’s gift for writing scenes that make your heart pump and Sarah’s world building. How could anyone say no?

4. Rick Riordan and Patrick Ness


Both are no stranger to middle grade and both weave complex stories. But together I feel like they could bring together such a great series. I refuse to believe if they joined forces that it wouldn’t end up a series.

3. Cassandra Clare and and Leigh Bardugo 

Clockwork Princessgrisha-trilogy-covers

The Queen of Urban Fantasy and one of the best fantasy authors combined. Would it be a high fantasy? Would it be an urban fantasy? Would it be both? Can this just happen? Please?

2. Erin Morgenstern and Anne Rice


These two women have so much in common that anything that they put out together would be gold. Paranormal gold. I admire both of these women so much and I already will read anything either of them put out, why not together? Can you just imagine the audiobook?

1. Neil Gaiman and Victoria Schwab 

The ArchivedAmerican-Gods

Victoria’s weaving of gothic stories mixed with Neil’s whimsical dark humor. There couldn’t be a more perfect union of writers. Alright, maybe I’m bias because they’re my favorites, but you know this would be magic. Every page of a book they collaborated on would be gold.

Let me know what you think of my choices. Comment/like/follow.

||Weekly Reading Progress||

Since I’ve been SO unmotivated lately and have been making excuses to not read, I’ve decided to try and commit myself to do a post every Thursday or Friday about my progress in reading. It might not work. I might start out strong and fade out, just like my Top 10 Tuesdays and Top 5 Wednesdays posts. (But honestly this week I just didn’t like the topics.)

Without any further distraction or rambling….

Alright, so this week has been a slow one for me. To be fair I’ve recently started dating someone, so that certainly cuts down my reading time a lot. We’ve been watching shows together and spending a lot of time together. My days off are Wednesdays and Sundays, we’ve been spending them both together. I’ve decided to just ensure I get up earlier than usual on one of those days to read. I need to keep my brain more active, because office work certainly doesn’t do that.

So what have I been reading?


Goodread’s Description

I’ve been reading this baby which is quite short. It’s only about 250 pages. This was my monthly book club’s pick. I unfortunately had to miss last month’s meeting where we discussed The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal. Overall I am really enjoying reading it, but I have trouble with non-fiction in terms of pacing. I never want to read it quickly. I want to absorb all it has to offer, and if we’re being completely honest I’ve never been good at chemistry or anatomy. So I have to go slower than usual. The more historical parts I always fly through and then I slow when the actual anatomy and science is discussed.

Goal for the week: Finish The Poisoner’s Handbook and get a good start on City of Heavenly Fire.