Tiger Lily |Review [Spoiler Free]

Tiger Lily Cover

2.5/5 Stars

If you read my TBR posts, you know I’ve been dying to read Tiger Lily. I LOVE Peter Pan and Neverland. With the recent trend of Fairytale Retellings (that I approve of 100%) I thought I would love a Peter Pan re-telling. From the perspective of Tinkerbelle? YES PLEASE. Diverse characters? OH YES. A whole new story in Neverland? YAAAS. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. In fact, by the end of it, I was glad the book was over.

Yes. This is going to be a gripe post. I hate doing this to books. I really do. I always feel like I’m betraying my community as an avid reader. And I WANTED so badly to like the book. I reallllyyyy did. But by the end of it I felt so exhausted from a book that was barely 300 pages. I was GLAD I put it down. I’ll go in to why without spoiling anything.

  1. Tiger Lily  I always thought Tiger Lily as a character would be a strong willed and smart character. That she would always stick up for herself and do what she thought was right. That’s how I always thought of her. That as the heroine of the story, she would be at least a little likable. But I didn’t like her at all. She made very irrational decisions, complained about them, then did NOTHING to change them. She just let them happen. And through out the story, I don’t think she grew at all.
  2. Simplicity  I felt like in a world like Neverland, there would be quite a few filled in details, but there weren’t. It depended on you knowing about Neverland before, which of course I did, but there was no more explanation about how the island was set up, very little detail about places such as the village where the natives lived or even what the jungle looked like. It was all very hard to picture and I found myself just picturing things from the 2003 movie for filler.
    The characters felt very vaguely described too. I couldn’t picture them at all. I just imagined things again, from the movie. So I got this blurred idea of what they looked like. I also didn’t think the traits of the characters were very well described. Tiger Lily was “strong”, Peter Pan was “childish”, Tick Tock was “wise”. I couldn’t accurately describe any other defining traits in the characters. They all felt like tropes.
  3. Predictability I knew everything that was going to happen as soon as I got the slightest indication. There were no surprises, no gasps, no real feeling of looking forward to how everything turned out. I just sort of knew what was going to happen.

If there was anything positive I could say about it, was that the feeling while reading the book was right for about 75% of the book. I still wanted to keep reading it, because it did have a certain child like quality to it. An innocent quality. Then at a certain point with the arrival of a new character, it just all went away. I don’t think that was the intention, but I felt like without that character appearing that it would have been so much better. But it lost it’s innocence and it’s playfulness after that and it was the only redeeming things for me.

I hope those of you who haven’t read it enjoy it a lot more than I did. As always, don’t let my dislike of something effect you at all. Go read it and enjoy it. Thanks for reading!


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