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Mal from The Grisha Trilogy

In the crazy love story of The Grisha Trilogy there are three contenders competing for Alina after the second book. But it’s clear that Mal is one of them from the first few chapters of the first book. From the second he showed up I found him annoying and so stupid. The trope of “you’ve been my best friend and I never noticed you until someone else did” thing really bothered me. (Don’t worry. You know it’s going to happen, not a huge spoiler)


Amy Gumm from Dorothy Must Die 

I really didn’t like her from the start. She was so typical that it was painful. I love the books, but I also really loved it for the other characters. The insistence that Amy was special and powerful was hard to believe.


Dumbledore from The Harry Potter Series

From the first book, I just never connect with Dumbledore. And I REALLY wanted to. I wanted to see him as the protective father figure and when Sirus finally showed up, I realized he wasn’t at all. He was so busy being mysteriously absent in so many of the books that he barely even helped Harry. And usually when he was helping Harry, he was a part of getting him in to the trouble in the first place. Not to mention all the revelations in the last book about him. After the series ended, I was glad I never connected to him. I felt lucky.


Amy from Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

I think this was the reason I hated the entire book. Other than being a ‘basic bitch’ she just….no. I didn’t like her at all.


Pauline from The Kiss of Deception 

I felt like Pauline was just in the way. I feel like Lia would have gotten a lot farther without her and she didn’t really add anything to the story.


Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic 

I thought Lila was there only as a trope. She didn’t really have any personality at all.


Jem from The Infernal Devices 

It was hard for me to accept that I just couldn’t see why everyone likes Jem. I’m almost done with Clockwork Princess and I’m still very much connected to Will rather than Jem. I just don’t understand why he’s a big deal. Yes, he sounds attractive and sweet. But I just don’t feel it. No connection at all.

I can never think of all 10. But hey, I try. Comment and like! ❤


One response to “(Late) Top Ten Tuesday | Top 10 Tuesday

  1. Yes! Finally someone who understands my feelings for Lila! I really didn’t like her and thought she was just getting in Kell’s way all the time (and then there’s the romance thing, which I hated). Haha I feel way more for Will than I’ll ever for Jem—Team Will forever!


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