September TBR!

Hello again, I figured I would knock out both my Wrap-Up and my TBR posts in one night. Since tomorrow is Top 10 Tuesday (even though I’ve been slacking), I may as well get it done now. I’m hoping to dedicate more time to reading this month. Since I am taking the semester off school and focusing more on work and getting a new car, I should probably make up for that. Anyways, on with the books!

Sorry that some of them are the same books I chose last month. D: I didn’t get around to everything I wanted to. Also, I am finishing Clockwork Princess tonight or tomorrow. So there will be a review posted of the entirety of The Infernal Devices coming soon!

September TBR:

Tiger Lily Cover Goodreads: Tiger Lily

Okay, I have no excuse. I’ve been wanting to read this for an entire year. I know because I bought it EXACTLY a year ago. On my birthday last year my girlfriends and I traveled around town to all the bookstores that we could find. I bought this as well as several other books and had a fantastic time. This was my top pick of the day. But for some reason I am a slacker with no excuse.

Heavenly Fire Goodreads: City of Bones (Book 1 in The Mortal Instruments)

As I am finishing The Infernal Devices I’m hoping to jump right in to City of Heavenly Fire and wrap up both series this month. This book is HUGE and extremely intimidating. Yes, it should be big because it’s the big finale of a fantastic series. But it’s scary just to look at.


Fangirl Rainbow Goodreads: Fangirl

Again, I’ve chosen this the last two months. BUT THIS MONTH I AM GOING TO READ IT DAMN IT.

The Diviners Goodreads: The Diviners

Not 100% that I’ll get to this. But I should remain hopeful! I should remain strong!

giphy (Me probably)


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