August Wrap Up!

I didn’t really have the greatest of reading months. I’ve been so busy running around trying not to fall on my face while doing this whole “adult life” thing that I haven’t had much time to read. Sadly. But I managed to get a few things read. Not nearly as much as I had planned, but life happens, doesn’t it? But the books that I did manage to read were all fantastic. So It wasn’t a quantity month, but it certainly was a quality one.

Today is also my birthday and I am spending the rest of it reading! I’ll just generally give some insight in to my ratings since I’ve been terrible about posting reviews this month. SORRY. D:

(All Spoiler Free!)

51ER9sPZ6AL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson 

5/5 Stars: Good Reads: The Kiss of Deception

I really loved this book. It was so invigorating to read a fantasy novel with a main character who wasn’t a complete fool. I didn’t even mind that there was a love triangle! I loved how you weren’t told until the very end which character was the Assassin and which was the Prince. I admit, I guessed really early on based on few descriptions and I was right. But I didn’t mind that at all. I still loved the world and the adventure. But that ending! Talk about a cliffhanger. I am so glad that I already own the second one.

815D5sneiNL._SL1500_ The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern  (Audiobook) 

5/5 Stars Goodreads: The Night Circus

I decided this month to join audible and see what it was all about. I’ve been getting more and more in to audio books and figured I may as well listen to one of my all time favorite books with my one credit. I was really won over when I saw that it was Jim Dale narrating it. Many of you probably know him as the narrator of the Harry Potter series.

I actually enjoyed the audiobook more than I enjoyed reading the book initially. I found that when the descriptions of things like the circus and various areas I could more easily visualize them with the aid of being read to, rather than reading them to myself. I also found myself understanding the book on more of a deeper level the second time around. The first time, when I was reading it, I found myself paying more attention to the story progression than anything else and this time I was able to really focus on the smaller details and read between the lines of the characters. I would highly recommend this audio book to anyone.


3bb8613d-925c-45bc-ad90-3099bb288a94._V302183067_  Gotham Academy Vol. 1 

5/5 Stars Goodreads: Gotham Academy

I really wanted to read a cute graphic novel this month and I think I picked well. Gotham academy was everything I was looking for. It had mystery, suspense, cuteness and of course, Batman. I generally do not reach for DC comics at my local comic book store but rather Marvel. But when I saw it on Jesse the Reader’s channel, his recommendation was enough for me. And I was not disappointed.

61BcvUoJGML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 

5/5 Stars Goodreads: An Ember in the Ashes

Well, I certainly think this book has lived up to it’s hype. Just because of the hype I was expecting it to be a little disappointing as hyped up books usually are when you have high expectations, but I wasn’t at all. The world was so beautifully put together that it was as if you were there yourself (even though you totally wouldn’t want to be). Elias and Laia were complex fascinating characters that I can’t decide who’s perspective that I liked more. When I finished the book I wanted more. SO MUCH MORE. Thankfully, we’re going to get that. She has confirmed she’s working on a sequel. Rejoice!


Clockwork Princess Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices Book 1 ( I don’t want to spoil you, so here’s a description of the first)

Okay, so I haven’t actually finished it. But I am SO CLOSE. I’ve been spoiled about the ending sadly, so I know what’s coming. I think I’ve just been avoiding finishing it because I am so attached to the characters. Possibly more attached to these ones than those in the Mortal Instruments series. But thankfully, my favorite character is in both series. ❤ Magnus Bane. The one thing I will say as I near the end of this book is that I’m on a feels trip and I am not okay. I AM NOT OKAY. 


That’s me. Right now. In pain. Please send help.


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