Books and Songs: Favorite couples

I’ve seen several BookTubers match books with songs! So I figured I would try it with various topics! I thought for my first books and songs post I would do my favorite book couples. 🙂


Tamlin and Feyre


The Darkling + Alina


Jace + Clary


Celia and Marco 


Gemma + Kartik 


Pudge + Alaska 


Tessa + Will 

Hope you enjoyed! Comment below if you’d like to see more posts like these! 🙂


4 responses to “Books and Songs: Favorite couples

  1. That was cool I liked it. I love Tamlin and Feyre! Although my aunts read the book with me and they think in the next book there will a love triangle between Feyre, Tamlin and Rhys. I hope Sarah J Maas doesn’t do that though, for it will make me shed a lot of tears 😦


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