The Wicked Will Rise: Review


The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige: 3.5/5 Stars

Please note that there ARE spoilers for Dorothy Must Die but none for The Wicked Will Rise.

Plot: I was pretty worried going in to this that it would suffer from “second book syndrome” and be full of filler to get to the final book, and I was somewhat right. But it was done well. There was still movement to the story, it didn’t stand still. We get to explore many different parts of Oz that weren’t in the first book. Some of the places were so beautifully described that I was really enjoying everything about them. But there still was that lingering sense of it not being as good as the first book.

Character Development: Amy Gumm really came in to her own in this book. I feel like the whole reason Danielle Paige wrote the sequel the way she did was to ensure that Amy progressed in the story. In the first book Amy’s just kind of falling all over the place trying to figure out what she’s doing. But in the sequel she goes through a lot of changes and becomes not only more confident, but a lot more interesting. Amy also finally fully embraces the new magic that she has and uses it more frequently.

Side Characters: We come back to a lot of the characters that were in the first book. Nox, Dorothy, Glinda, The Wizard and many more. But there are also a lot of new characters that are introduced. Some were mentioned already in the novellas that recently got a “Stories” bind up. We also get to see a lot more of Ozma, which was probably my favorite part of the book. Ozma becomes a lot more entertaining and also a lot more complex. After the revelation that Pete and Ozma are in fact one in the same, the idea gets played with a lot more and we see a duality between the two inhabiting the same body.

The World: As mentioned, Oz becomes a lot more expanded in the journey through this book. We see new parts of it we didn’t even know existed before. The world becomes so much bigger in this book that it makes you more excited to continue reading through the book. It’s the small little details that really make Danielle Paige’s Oz really unique. So if you wished you could see more of Oz, than you’re really going to enjoy this book.

Overall: I did enjoy it while I was reading it, but the ending kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Everything towards the end at the climax of the story felt too rushed and bunched together so I barely felt like I knew what was going on. It also left me feeling a little less than excited about the next installment. I don’t like the direction it’s heading in, but I do like the series enough to continue on when the next book comes out. Besides, I’ll need that last book to go with the other three. The characters and the world are what drive this series, and that’s really the only thing keeping me wanting to read the next book. I’m hoping the choices she made in the ending are for a good reason and that the conclusion to the series will be a good one.

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments below!


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