Top 5 Wednesday: Things on your Bookshelf that aren’t books!

Top 5 Family! Created by Gingerreadslainey!



My Jack Skellington Kingdom Hearts figurine. I’ve had it since the first Kingdom Hearts came out and it’s always been on top of the shelf. I love NBC and KH so much I just had to have it displayed. And where better than with my books?



My Sigmund Freud bobble head. I was a psych major for three years before making the switch to History full time to pursue a career as a scholar. I saw this at a little shop in town called Middle Earth and had to have it. Now he sits in my Non-Fiction section in front of all my Psychology books.



I saw this little guy at the Barnes and Nobel in town and had to have him. He sits in front of my Harry Potter boxset proudly beside another black glittery owl. The colors on the owl actually match the box set so I think it works out quite nicely.



My lovely TARDIS cookie jar. It stands proudly on the very top of the shelf in all it’s glory. Beside it are some rubber ducks and a figurine of The Corpse Bride. I think she’d make a lovely companion myself.

1. My very small Pop collection


I just love my three little Pop Vinyls. They stand on my Favorite’s shelf beside my TBR jar.

Let me know what you have on yours! Thanks for reading!

-The Grisha Lieutenant


5 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday: Things on your Bookshelf that aren’t books!

  1. I keep piggy on my book shelfs, because when I was really young my aunt always got me piggy banks for some reason ( I have four of them! ). I use my piggy banks as shelf dividers I guess you could call them. They divided different types of books.


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