City of Lost Souls Review (Spoilers!!)


City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare: 4.5/5 stars 

I knew what I was getting in to when I started reading the Mortal Instruments series. A ruthless fandom, heartbreak and drama. My best friend has always encouraged me to finish the series so we could actually talk about it, so I decided in honor of Cassandra Clare’s new series coming out, I would finally finish reading The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices in their entirety. I’m near completion on both series with one book to go for each as well as The Bane Chronicles (which I am most excited for.) Okay, after this there are spoilers. I’m warning you now. Don’t keep reading if you’re not up to this point in the books. Don’t do it. Stop now.

After the shocker in the last book City of Fallen Angels when Jace is linked to “Johnathan” (He’s Sebastian. I don’t care what anyone says.) I knew things were going to get difficult for Clary/Jace. I expected the book to be something like New Moon from the Twilight series where Clary spent the entire time whining about Jace and crying. But that wasn’t how it went down. She took action and went straight in to Sebastian’s twisted world to be with Jace and find a way to save him. Admirable as it was, as always with Clary, it was a bit reckless. When she was in the travelling apartment there were some very disturbing things. What was with the whole Sebastian incest thing? “Shadowhunters aren’t like mortals. DNA doesn’t matter.”. Uhm, I’m pretty sure it matters, Sebastian. Is this just a trope with Cassandra Clare? Incest? Game of Thrones for Shadowhunters?

I really loved how involved Simon was in this book. He’s becoming more and more important to the storyline. It made sense that he would be the one to go and summon Raziel since he’s immune from harm. Granted, he got what he needed. He got the weapon that could destroy the connection between Jace and Sebastian. He probably did more to save Jace than everyone else put together. Though I’m not too happy that he lost The Mark of Caine. That means he can now be killed. And if you know anything about the last book in a series, there’s going to be some character deaths. I just hope it’s not Simon. I didn’t really like him until City of Fallen Angels. Now he’s my sweet precious child and I cannot part with him.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed in the last five books. Isabelle doesn’t get a big enough part. I want to know more about Isabelle. She’s this badass character who fights her own battles, decides her own fate and generally doesn’t give a shit and we know almost nothing about her except for what I just mentioned. We know she’s had a past with various sorts of faeries, Shadowhunters and mortals. But we don’t get the stories behind them. We just get little bits and pieces of what could be it’s own book. MORE ISABELLE. MORE.

At the climax and close of the book we find Sebastian the Incestual Douche making a grand speech to Valentine’s previous followers about creating a new race of Shadowhunters. They just blindly follow a teenager who’s related to Valentine. Granted, he did force Amatis to drink from the cup first, but afterwords they were all willing to drink demon blood. The very blood they themselves swore to spill. For what? Because the Clave is annoying them? Your job is to hunt demons. Stop complaining. Then when the various allies of Clary show up and start wrecking the place, Sebastian is conveniently covered by a wall of Shadowhunters. I get it, there needs to be a villain for the final book, but seriously. GO AROUND THEM. Use a tactic that’s been used in combat history for thousands of years. Misdirection. When they didn’t think of that and Clary runs away from Jace and Sebastian, she of course decides to chance it and stab Jace instead hoping to cleanse the evil from him. He was literally on fire. That probably was not the best option. You know Sebastian’s just going to get pissed off and fuck up even more shit. Did it work? Yes. But now you’ve got a boyfriend who could give you third degree burns if you tried to kiss him. Clary, think about your life, think about your choices. You’ve done fucked up. Oh, and your brother just literally ripped the wings off of an angel and left them in your house. Good job.

Even after all that, that wasn’t the worse for me. The worst was when Alec went to meet Camille and Magnus was there instead. With his knowledge that Alec wanted to turn him mortal against his consent, he ended their epic romance. Granted, Magnus was justified in doing this. But this broke my will to continue reading that page. The entire series, what has kept me grounded and happy was Magnus and Alec. The most adorable and unlikely couple in the entire Shadowhunter’s universe. And Magnus ended it. I may not have mentioned it, but Magnus Bane is my favorite character.  He’s everything I love about this series. I could do without Clary, Jace and even Alec. But I could never do without Magnus Bane. First it appears he died in the battle, then he and Alec break up. Seriously. Are you trying to kill me?

All in all, I did really enjoy the story and the character development that we see with everyone. I had a few complains…okay…a lot of complaints. But that didn’t take away my love of how the story is progressing. I want to continue reading so that I can ensure Magnus and Alec get back together (they could not, but you know what? I WANT TO BELIEVE). I enjoyed the small little cute whispers of love Alec and Magnus said to each other. I most definitely did my little happy OTP dance only to be crushed later. But after the leaving of the angel wings I really wanted to see Sebastian get ripped apart. Next I’m going to read Clockwork Princess and then I will continue on to City of Heavenly Fire. I’m planning on reading a few books in between just so I stay interested on them, but I will update as I go. Thanks for reading. Like/comment and all that jazz.


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