A Court of Thorns and Roses (Spoiler Free!) 5/5 Stars


I am in love with this book. I just want to cuddle with it during thunderstorms and take it out on a date. That’s how much I love this book. I can confidently say that this book is my favorite YA fantasy book. Everything about it was stunning. EVERYTHING. I bought this book because of all the hype on booktube. I buy a lot of books because of that. This one did not disappoint. I’m so happy I bought it in hardcover and right when it came out. Now I can tell everyone to read it. But here are a few more reasons in case you’re not buying in to the hype.

1. The Characters. The characters are so well written that you feel as though they’re your friends in real life. That you’ve been friends with them for years. After just a few chapters I identified strongly with Feyre. Then when Tamlin and Lucien came in to the story I felt like they were people I already knew. Even the antagonists I grew to sort of love in a very strange way.

2. The Setting. Every single place they go to in this story is so well described I could just picture it in my head as if someone had taken a photo. I could almost smell the green fields or hear the snow crunching beneath my feet.

3. The Plot. Such an original concept! I know it’s loosely based on Beauty and the Beast and I can definitely see the parallels, but once it took on it’s own form I was so enthralled with what was going to happen I literally did not sleep. It’s 10:33am. I was up all night reading and I have zero regrets. The story pacing was perfect, it was fast enough to keep me entertained but also slow enough to include all the beautiful little details.

4. The Writing. As I described above, SJM just writes so well and really allows your mind to see all of what’s happening as if you’re watching a movie in your head. It’s like reading a painting. (If that makes any sense)

5. Predictability. I really love books where you can both guess what’s going to happen and at the same time have NO IDEA what is going to happen. I think SJM wrote that perfect balance. There were times when I knew where the story was going to go and others where I was holding my breath and trying not to cry.

Please read it. You’ll be so thankful you did! Leave a comment if you agree/disagree, have a mutual love for SJM or just want to say what you thought!

(Rating: 5/5 Stars)


3 responses to “A Court of Thorns and Roses (Spoiler Free!) 5/5 Stars

  1. I love this book too! Have you read the Throne of Glass series bye Sarah J Maas? They’re really good, and if you liked ACOTAR then you’ll like the Throne of Glass series. The order goes, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, and then Queen of Shadows which comes out on september first.


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